Creoleparser: for parsing Creole wiki markup

Creoleparser is a Python implementation of a parser for the Creole wiki markup language.


  • Creoleparser is a complete and robust Creole 1.0 implementation, plus optional additions (see Syntax)
  • Uses Genshi - the Python toolkit for generation of output for the web
  • Inline markup is easily customized (see the simple_markup and custom_markup options of create_dialect())
    • add markup for additonal HTML tags
    • add support for custom markup like emoticons and WikiWords
  • Advanced macro support
  • Runs on Google App Engine!


You need Python 2.4 or higher.

Option 1 - easy_install

If you have setuptools, install Creoleparser using easy_install:

easy_install Creoleparser

This will automatically download and install Genshi and Creoleparser to your site-packages directory.

Option 2 - manual installation

  1. download and install Genshi from that package’s site.

  2. download Creoleparser from the Python Package Index, unzip to a temporary folder, and run: install

This will install Creoleparser to your site-packages directory.


You can test out creoleparser or just experiment with Creole syntax in the Sandbox.

Help and Development

You can get help from the Google Group. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Report bugs and make feature requests by creating an issue.

If you’d like to help out, see the project page on Googlecode.

Projects using Creoleparser

A list is maintained here.


Creoleparser is licensed under an MIT license. See the LICENSE.txt file in the distribution.

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